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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. (NTW), welcomes this opportunity to present our Capability Statement to potential partners and customers.

Our approach to every transaction has always been to achieve excellence of the highest quality in terms of providing superior performance with uncompromised integrity and proactive solutions that are cost efficient to our valued customers.

From the very inception, we have answered the call to exceed our customers’ expectations. NTW has the expertise and resources to ensure that we meet the security needs of our customer’s in functionality, efficiency, and quality assurance.

Through synergistic partnerships, we are capable of providing a greater capacity in human and financial resources and also satisfying the HUB Subcontracting Plan as specified in Solicitation Number 52900-4-2000115238.

I look forward to a favorable review of NTW’s Capability Statement and ask that you please contact us if you have additional questions.

Allen Hollimon

Company Overview

In a field that is highly competitive, NTW has emerged ahead of its competitors by effectively providing superior security services to federal and state agencies, commercial, industrial, financial, and professional organizations. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, NTW is a minority owned small business. NTW is a security company that prides itself in providing uncompromised integrity, superior performance and proactive solutions that are cost efficient.

Security has been our core competence since our inception. NTW has the ability to customize a protection plan to our client’s individual needs, desires, and budget limitations. Moreover, we have the immediate response capabilities to increase those levels of protection, as well as the flexibility to scale down our services as conditions warrant. This adaptability to today’s ever-changing security world provides our clients with a real-time, on call “partner!”

NTW has developed proprietary software that allows us to manage a database of seasoned security professionals throughout the United States.

Our executive staff is made up of prior and retired U.S. Air Force Security Force members, retired marines, retired police officers, and seasoned security professionals.

Our Team’s Core Values

Core Value #1: Superior Performance We will develop and implement client-centric solutions that exceed expectations by setting the standards for security and safety.

Core Value #2: Uncompromised Integrity We are committed to honesty, complete transparency and achieving proactive solutions based on our client’s needs. Core Value #3: Proactive Solutions We continuously seek client feedback to identify opportunities for improvement with optimal solutions through collaborations with our clients.

Our Mission

NTW strives to be a leader and trusted partner in the security industry by instilling in our personnel the value of performing all duties with the utmost integrity.

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider for all security and risk management needs for organizations across industries and geographic regions. We will provide unparalleled value to our clients with a focus on supporting your mission and achieving your security goals. NTW will attain growth through customer service by providing superior security program support and thus receiving outstanding performance reviews based on exceeding our client's expectations.


The Founder and CEO: Allen Hollimon
More than 20 years of training, consulting and leadership experience in Security Services. Expertise in security/private investigations with an emphasis on cost effectiveness and the overall bottom line of clients as it relates to security. Currently operating security and investigative services on a national scale, with established locations in 16 states and 25 cities across US. Managing an arsenal of over 300 officer and 60 affiliates.

Past and Existing Clients: City of Houston, Shell, Caldwell Properties, Macy’s, Union Pacific Railroad, Coca-Cola, Phillip Services, National Basketball Association, Mission Health Care, Odessy Hospice, St. Joseph Hospital, Houston Independent School District, BP, FEMA, US Foods, Marriott, Scott and White Clinics and In and Out Burger.

- Managers License 1996-2001
- Owner/ Nationwide Investigations and Security, Inc., 1999. In the states of: Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Colorado, California, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Georgia, New Jersey, Maryland and Nevada.

- American Society Industrial Security (ASIS)
- National Retail Foundation (NRF)
- Building Owners Management Association (BOMA)
- Houston Apartment Association (HAA)
- A.F.A. M. St.James No. 429 (Scottish Rite Free Mason)


NTW’s experienced executive, operations, business development and fiscal managers give NTW the edge in being able to meet our clients’ high standards. Because of our executive staff’s experience, we are able to perform any task and respond quickly and effectively to correct any problem. NTW maintains open lines of communications among all levels of management to ensure information flows from the lowest level of administrative support through our CEO and to our clients. The NTW executive staffs’ mission is to always “Self-Police- Self Correct!”


NTW is financially capable of supporting our clients. In addition, NTW has strong resources in place to current annual revenue of $1.1 million. The integrity of our finances is based on reliable fiscal management and appropriate utilization of our resources.

Because of our frugal management style, NTW is able to design, plan, implement, and maintain highly successful and efficient guard services.


Before assuming posts our officers complete all mandated federal and state training curriculums which are designed to educated employees on the legal and operational aspects of their duties and responsibilities. Training includes onsite orientation, emergency response and safety. In addition, background checks are performed on all potential NTW personnel. Employees who misrepresent their qualifications are considered a threat to security and are removed from the hiring process. The following sources of documentation are verified for each potential employee: verification of employment, education, three (3) reference letters, criminal history report, credit history, and driving records.


Services: Guard Services
DUNS Number: 134396519
NAIC Code: 561612 CAGE Code: 57RL8 (Top Secret)
FED ID #: 76-0603324


Nationwide Investigations & Security Inc.
2425 West Loop South Ste, 200
Houston, TX 77027